Ladies professional wrestling matches featuring Superstar Susan Sexton, the first LPWA world champion

Sue Sexton

  • Real Name: Shannon Sexton
  • Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
  • Current residence: Los Angeles, CA
  • Trained by: Ali Musa the Turk
  • Favorite Moves: The Bulldog, Airplane Spin, Boston Crab, Drop Toe Hold
  • Finishing Move: The Electric Chair
  • Championships: Ladies Professional Wrestling Association Championship

"Superstar" Susan Sexton began training with Ali Musa the Turk in Australia after seeing an ad on the side of the ring while attending a match. She was the only female on the circuit and had to recruit other women to find opponents to wrestle. She moved to the U.S. in 1975 and wrestled for 21 years as a heel although the Turk had supplied her with the technical moves to do any style she wanted.

Sexton considers her time in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association as her career highlight although they cast her as a "good guy" and she is more comfortable with playing the heel. She became the first LPWA Champion in 1990 and held the title until 1991. She was also a member of G.L.O.R.Y wrestling "Legends of the Ring." Sexton retired from professional wrestling in 1996.

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