Women wrestling videos of Reggie Bennett during her time in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association

Reggie Bennett

  • Hometown: Venice Beach, California
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 175 to 220 lbs.
  • Finishing Move: The Reggie Rack
  • Titles: IWA World Women's Championship, All Pacific Championship, IWF Women's Championship


Reggie Bennett began her career on the independent circuit in California, but she soon signed with the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA). Bennett participated in the pay-per-view LPWA Super Ladies Showdown, but lost in the semi-finals by disqualification. She primarily wrestled as a larger-than-life hero, overpowering smaller opponents with her signature moves, The Reggie Rack and the Global Bomb.


Bennett moved to the All Japan Women's (AJW) Pro-Wrestling organization in 1994 and is primarily known for her work as a member of Joshi Puroresu, a Japanese term for female professional wrestling. A few televised ads helped her to quickly build a following in Japan and won her a long-term contract. In November she was part of the largest female wrestling event of all time, the AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe show in Tokyo in front of 42,000 fans. In 1997, Bennett experimented with the world of shoot fighting and participated in the U*TOP tournament. Back in the states, she appeared briefly with the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in April 1997 where she debuted as a member of "Raven's Nest," a wrestling stable led by Scott Levy, better known by his ring name of Raven. Bennett introduction was to interfere in a match between Raven and Terry Funk the day after she had spoken at a banquet in Funk's honor. In a typical heel move, she ran in and smashed Funk with a chair then planted him with a Liger Bomb and ran out of the ring. The stint with Raven was short-lived as Bennett returned to her Japanese influence in November of the same year. She joined to newly formed ARISON troop of joshi puroresu as part of a "sister" act with a newcomer, Jessica Soto, who was billed as her sister, Jesse Bennett, although there was no real relationship. They formed a heel stable within the ARISON group. ARISON had lofty plans to create a new style that combined shoot fighting and Lucha Libre, both more freestyle forms that use martial arts and high-flying moves. The new moves were expected to prevent injuries to the smaller ladies and make it possible for them to work more competitively. Although the stable started out well, it never achieved enough popularity to succeed financially.


During the 1980s, Bennett dabbled briefly in movies. She was the Barracuda Leader in SpaceHunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone in 1983 which was followed by minor roles in Vendetta and Over the Top. She played herself in Muscle Rock Madness in 1992, followed in 2004 by a Japanese made film, Mask de 41, about professional wrestling.


Bennett announced her intention to retire from wrestling soon after her marriage to Japanese musician Kenji Ishihara in August 2000. She wrestled her farewell match against long time rival, Manami Toyota. Her career was memorialized in video and released as Reggie Bennett in Japan. In addition she and "Jessica Bennett" are featured in "The Twinstar of ARISON tournament and video collection.

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