Videos of Lady X (aka Peggy Lee Leather) wrestling in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA)

Lady X

  • Hometown: Reynolds, Georgia
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Other names: Peggy Lee Leather, Peggy Lee Pringle, and Thug
  • Titles: LPWA Championship, NDW Women's Championship, NWL Women's Championship, NWA Women's title, IWA Women's title, NAWA Ring Champions Women's title
  • Favorite move: Choke Slam
  • Finishing move: Last Call (corner slingslot splash)
  • Notable feuds: Susan Sexton, Terri Power, Bambi (Selina Majors)

Peggy Lee became a force to be reckoned with while working in the World Wrestling Federation during the 1980s. She is considered one of the last great "heels" because she is normally cast as the bad guy and fills the bill to perfection. As such, she has engaged in feuds with babyface heroes like Mad Maxine, Susan Sexton, Terri Power, and Selina Majors (Bambi). She performed in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association Super Ladies Showdown pay-per-view event as Lady X where she lost her LPWA Championship title to Terri Power.

While wrestling as Thug on Women of Wrestling (WOW) she continued her feud with Selina Majors and defeated her in a steel cage match during the WOW Unleashed pay-per-view event. Outside the ring, the two worked together to train the stable of new talent that had been recruited from modeling, acting, stunt women, and the martial arts. Although both LPWA and WOW have gone by the wayside, Peggy Lee is still a force in the wrestling world as she continues to train new talent and work as a manager of men as well as women.

Wild Things

Reggie Bennett vs Candi Divine

The theme of this edition is out of control women!

Wild Women

Malia Hosaka kicks Magnificent Mimi

Eleven wild matches starring the women of the LPWA

Grudge Matches

Black Venus cranks Terri Power's neck

Series includes 10 matches that feature total dislike between the competitors


Bad Girl and Black Venus throw Terri Power over the top rope

Young superstars and legends battle for power, money, and fame

Main Events

Bambi with a chin lock on Lady X

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Wacky World

Jan Flames chokes Bambi on the bottom rope

This edition features the outrageous and bizarre matches and storylines of the LPWA