Videos of Candi Divine's wrestling matches in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA), sometimes as The Goddess

Candi Divine

  • Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 127lbs.
  • Other names: Candy Devine, Christy Monroe, The Goddess, Lady Divine
  • Trainers: Owen Henley, Don Fargo, Joye Rossi
  • Titles: AWA Woman's World Title, WCW Women's Title, WWC Women's Title, WWWA Women's Title, WOW Women's Title, UWF Women's Title

Candi Divine first became involved in the wrestling world while operating a Lanny Poffo fan club. She worked briefly as a ring girl in Kentucky for the International Championship Wrestling (ICW) organization before training to enter the ring herself. Divine almost quit wrestling after she was seriously injured in 1985 as a result of crashing head to head with Amy Monroe, smashing her jaw and cheek. She required extensive reconstructive surgery to repair the damage and nearly died on the operating table. Most of Divine's career was involved with the American Wrestling Association (AWA) where she wrestled as part of mixed tag teams in addition to singles.

During the nineties, she worked in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) as Candi Divine and later put on a mask to become The Goddess. Divine is now working as a physical trainer in Nashville where she sometimes does shows for Lady Sports and Slammin' Ladies.

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